Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift

Valentines Day’s roots go back to Roman times when a priest continued to marry people even after Roman Emperor Claudius II declared marriage illegal (wanted his soldiers to focus on their duties and not get distracted by leaving wives behind when they went off to war). While imprisoned he performed another marriage only this one was for the jailer’s daughter and fiancé. Valentine was beheaded anyway, but not before the jailer’s whole family came to know and follow Jesus Christ through what he had done.

Wow… that is a long road from the chocolates you put your finger in to see what is on the inside of them and those little cards and hard candies that say things like “will you b mine?” and “u r so cool”. Though “spending traditional date” time on this day with my honey that entailed getting to go ballroom dancing was amazing (Chris is just so dreamy!).. I would have to say the other gift I cherish from that day is the time we spent together at the computer researching adoption placement websites after we took our dancing shoes off. We both decided that night that we can stop searching; we have found our homestudy and placement agencies! Chris gave me the words I have been waiting to hear… we are officially starting our process! We sent off an email to meet with our first adoption representative this coming Thursday!

Yippee… we have actually begun…

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