Friday, February 12, 2010

Seahawks fans adopt...

Hello all! Thank you for your wonderful surveys, they were very helpful. I look forward to see how God is going to use them. I will keep you all posted.

Molly, our 13 yr old, was in the room with me as I was doing my adoption research yesterday and I asked her if she had ever gotten to see any videos on Utube of what Ethiopia was like. She told me “no”, and that she would like to, so I went to the site and there was one that got my attention so we watched it.

I have been to that site many times and most of the videos are of people adopting babies. This video was of a family in WA who was adopting older children. Once we watched the video we felt an instant connection to them (weird hu?). They were Christians seeking to serve Jesus as they satisfied the ache in their heart to find the children He had for them, they were wearing Seahawks and Mariners shirts (our sports teams), they were adopting older children from Ethiopia (like we are hoping to) and they happen to live about 45 minutes from my brother/sister-in-law in WA! We could actually meet these people one day… how bizarre … actually how God…to take just simple moment and turn it into simply wonderful.

Here is the UTube video. Forever Day 2009,adoption (if u type that into Utube it should pull up if u can’t get it from here

I then Googled them and found this amazing site.
After reading the journal entries in the afternoon, I shared it with Chris before we went to bed. (Whew! What an emotional journey – I really felt connected to them, we could really visualize ourselves in their shoes about a year or so from now).

I will spend my next hours reading over each step they took in their adoption.

We are still in the process of waiting on God to reveal to us the right adoption agency as well as right homestudy agency. There are so many out there. First we had to come up with an understanding of what they do, then the proper questions to ask (I have a 6 page questionnaire for them to fill out for us based on the reviews and advice I have read and heard from informational interviews we have done!)

Please pray for us as we hope to have this decision made and start the process official the first of March.

Thank you all for going on this journey with us.

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